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Pepe Becker: Hire me!

If you wish to hire me to sing as a soloist in your concert or recording, here’s some useful information about my usual fees:

Performance fees:

$500 to $2000 per concert performance in New Zealand.
Overseas, comparable rates would apply.
If your group is not a professional one, lower fees can be negotiated.

Recording session fees:

Open to negotiation: usually NZ$50-$60 per hour (in NZ), though a flat-rate for a recording project can be offered instead, or included as part of a concert fee if applicable.


If a performance is out of Wellington (or away from my current place of residence), I would need airfares and or petrol costs to be paid for by the hiring party (choir, orchestra, organisation).

Per diems:

If a performance is out of Wellington (or away from my current place of residence), I would ask for per diems of NZ$50-$60 per day to cover food and extra travel costs during the rehearsal / performance period – preferably to be paid in cash on the first day.

Withholding Tax:

I am not registered for GST (as at August 2006), but require withholding tax of 20% to be taken off any fees paid in NZ (excluding any tax-free travel reimbursements and per diems), unless your organization is exempt from withholding tax (due to being an Incorporated Society or Charitable Trust, for example); if withholding tax is not taken out, I will invoice you for the full amount payable.

Note: I am also available to sing for private functions, weddings, etc; and often work with other artists, including: Renaissance lutes and viol (Chanterelle), harp (Asni), early keyboard - harpsichord / virginals (Douglas Mews or Donald Nicolson), piano (various accompanists are available), or with other singers (Baroque Voices).

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