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Baroque Voices - vocal ensemble

Quotations from concert reviews

“… we have here the basis of a group to match any in the world.”
- The Dominion

“… a performance that could have come from one of the world’s finest specialist ensembles.”
- The Evening Post

"...presentation so professionally done...intimate communication...the voices so exquisitely attuned to each other...endings that left you breathless, [as they were] so quiet..."
- Nan Anderson, reviewing the Baroque Voices & Phantastic Spirits tour programme 'Love is in the Ayre', on RNZ Concert's Upbeat!, 9 October 2008

"...they [Baroque Voices - Pepe Becker, Andrea Cochrane, Richard Taylor, David Morriss - as soloists with the Bach Choir of Wellington in Bach's B Minor Mass] took to their task with a will...I enjoyed all the work of the individual singers...living the text, making the music shine and touch us..."
- Peter Mechen on RNZ Concert's Upbeat!, 26 November 2007

"...vivid contrasts...colourful word painting...beautifully performed...another interesting adventure in late Renaissance music."
- The Dominion Post, 14 November 2007

"...interaction between the instruments and the singers was marvellous...the ensemble of the singers was wonderful."
- Wayne Waxman, on RNZ Concert's 'Upbeat!', 24 October 2007

"...the singers succeeded remarkably in portraying quite complex feelings and ideas...employing startling dissonances, pauses, or... tip-toeing, short syllables depicting the burning effects of love, reflecting the sense of individual words."
"The final madrigal [from Monteverdi's 4th Book] proved one of the most impressive... : striking, not just at its time, but still today."
- The Dominion Post, July 2007

"...the high point of which was a mass setting by choir director Pepe Becker: a very impressive example of, and a splendid performance of, an engagingly original work."
- The Dominion Post, July 2006

“The singing of the early madrigals was extremely fine and displayed taste, scholarship and skill.”
- The Dominion

“… five of New Zealand’s most gifted and experienced musicians in the field of early music gave a delightful concert…”
- The Evening Post

“This incisive and beautifully sung rendering (of J.S. Bach’s Komm, Jesu, komm), expanding magically in the cathedral, could be hard to dislodge from the memory.”
- The Evening Post

“Baroque Voices… revealed the true beauty of the human voice.”
- Southland Times

“These nine beautiful voices were spellbinding…”
- The Evening Post

“Baroque Voices…this wonderful group…marvellous precision, a clarity that is all-revealing.”
- The Dominion Post


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