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Baroque Voices - Hire us

If you wish to hire us to sing for a concert, recording, arts festival or special event, here’s some useful information about our usual fees:

Performance fees:

$100 to $200 per singer per performance, in New Zealand.
Overseas, comparable rates would apply.
(Or a flat rate for the group can be negotiated)

Recording session fees:

Open to negotiation: usually NZ$40 per hour per singer (in NZ), though a flat-rate for a recording project can be offered instead, or included as part of a concert fee if applicable.


If a performance is out of Wellington, we would usually require airfares and or petrol costs to be paid for by the hiring party (choir, orchestra, organisation).

Per diems:

If a performance is out of Wellington, we would sometimes ask for per diems of NZ$50-$60 per person per day to cover food and extra travel costs during the rehearsal / performance period – preferably to be paid in cash on the first day.

Withholding Tax:

Baroque Voices is not registered for GST (as at August 2006), and operates under the name of Pepe Becker T/A Baroque Voices – ie: Pepe Becker employs individual singers on a casual basis, and takes withholding tax off payments made. Therefore, the group holds a Tax Exemption Certificate, so any payments made to the group by an outside party do not need to be taxed. Baroque Voices will provide an invoice to your organisation, upon request.

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