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Baroque Voices - vocal ensemble


past concerts, programme notes, etc


List of performers involved (to date)

Pepe Becker (PB)
Louisa Oliver (LO)
Rowena Simpson (RS)
Lucy Richards (LR)
Jane McKinlay (JMcK)
Sabrina Malcolm (SM)
Andra Patterson (AP)
Joanne Hodgson (JH)
Lauren Armishaw (LA)
Nicola Edgecombe (NE)
Madeleine Pierard (MP)
Lisette Wesseling (LW)
Jayne Tankersley (JT)
Felicity Smith (FS)
Amanda Barclay (AB)

Rosalind Emeleus (RE)
Rebecca Currier (RC)
Katherine Hodge (KH)
Andrea Cochrane (AC)
Christopher Warwick (CW)
Megan Hurnard (MH)
Alexandra Granville (AG)
Fiona McCabe (FM)


David Pope (DP)
Peter Dyne (PD)
Nigel Collins (NC)
Peter de Blois (PdB)
Ivan Patterson (IP)
Phillip Collins (PC)
Andrew Cantrill (ACan)
Philip Roderick (PR)
Alastair Carey (AlC)
Richard Taylor (RT)
oliver Sewell (OS)
Jeffrey Chang (JC)

James Griffiths (JG)
Stephen Wells (SW)
Simon Christie (SC)
Sam Piper (SP)
Craig Beardsworth (CB)
David Morriss (DM)
Rowan Johnston (RJ)
Roger Wilson (RW)
Simon Baskerville (SB)
Richard Walley (RiW)
Michael Stewart (MS)
Brian Hesketh (BH)
Kieran rayner (KR)
Dimitrios Theodoridis (DT)
Chris Burcin (CB)
Benjamin Caukwell (BC)



Guest instrumentalists:
Douglas Mews - harpsichord, organ, piano
Dan Poynton - piano
Shelley Wilkinson - baroque violin
Helen Polglase - baroque 'cello
Euan Murdoch - baroque 'cello
Richard Excell - vielles
Members of The Baroque Players (led by Peter Walls)
Philip Brownlee - recorders
Penelope Evison - traverso
Asni - baroque harp
Robert Oliver - bass viol
Robin Ward - triple harp
Donald Nicolson - harpsichord
Emma Goodbehere - baroque 'cello
Helen Webby - lever harp & concert harp
Chris Burn- organ
Kamala Bain - recorder
Stephen Pickett - theorbo, chitarrino

Colin Hemmingsen - saxophones
Robert Orr - oboe
David Cox - baroque horn
Philippa Ward - piano
Nick van Dijk - flugelhorn
Anita van Dijk - piano
Kate Robertson - flute
Phillip Collins - oboe
Lance Philip - percussion
Moira Hirst - clarinet
Richard Foreman - clarinet
Tim Robertson - electric bass
Claire Macfarlane - baroque violin
Charlotte Fetherston - baroque violin
Peter reid - cornetto
Peter Dykes - oboe
Brendan O'Donnell - recorders
Meredith Chinnery - recorders
Bridget Douglas - flute
Henare Walmsley - taonga puoro
Mark Smythe - electric guitar
Daniel Becker - electric bass, percussion

Complete list of BV concerts since 1994 - download Word document

Programme notes for download


Alleluia: a newe work! The Ceremony of Birth and Death (Wellington, 16 November 2013) - download Word document

The Full Monte: concert 4 (Wellington, 28 April 2013) - download Word document

The Full Monte: concert 3 (Wellington, 16 July 2012) - download pdf

The Full Monte: concert 2 (Christchurch, 3 Feb 2012; Wellington, 22 April 2012) - download Word document

Brother Sun, Sister Moon (11 June 2011) - download Word document

The Full Monte: concert 1 (Wellington, 1 May 2011; also performed in Christchurch, 17 July 2011) - download Word document

Alleluia: a newe work! (23 & 30 May 2010) -download Word document

Alleluia: a newe work! (17 & 23 May 2009) -download Word document

Alleluia: a newe work! (10 May 2008) - download Word document

Love & Lament (6 April 2008) - download Word document

Prima le parole, poi la musica... (7 July 2007) - download Word document

The Choicest Songs (9 June 2007) - download Word document , - download programme cover

Alleluia: a newe work! (27 May 2007) - download Word document

Massive! (22 July 2006) - download Word document

Rustic Revelry (16 Feb 2006) - download Word document

From the far point of the rising of the sun... (28 May 2005) - download Word document

How Great is the Pleasure (21 July 2001) - download Word document


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